Thanks for wanting to learn more about our brand "Journeys of the World". We are focused on everything related to Travel & Photography from a fresh, colorful and dynamic perspective. In addition to being passionate about those two core ingredients, we strive to redefine their meaning while bringing our products (travel photo books) to the largest possible audience.

Now, you may wonder how it all begun - Essentially we started with "Journeys of Cinque Terre" which is the name given to our first travel photo publication, covering Cinque Terre in Italy. At which point, we found it to be logical to retain this format and develop the brand accordingly.

Furthermore, when someone invests in any kind of book, he wants something unique, with an edge and above all, a style/philosophy which few others have. We are proud to say, that our collections represents all the above and much more.

Why? because we simply don't see the need to stage our photography with multi-million dollar budgets just to obtain that one "shot". Our philosophy is to show the beauty of each location, in the same way that any traveler is likely to come across during his trip. This is something which many publications tend to overlook. In another word, we are taking the reader/viewer back to the basics. We produce our products from scratch, this includes photography, design, layout, branding & much more when need be. By having control of all aspects of this production, you know what you are getting, regardless of the publication title.

We strive for simplicity, clean looks & a pleasing layout which anyone could appreciate. We also put a lot of attention to three aspects of each location being covered: (1) landscapes (2) historical elements and (3) colors. We do not attempt to fill pages and pages with boring content about who was the last Prince of some unknown remote island. Instead, we want you to be excited about the esthetic potential which these places have and how you would enjoy your next trip. Our mission is not to substitute history books, but to visually complement them.

Finally, as we all know from our high school biology textbook, the human eye is very sensitive to visual stimulus. That's what we want to bring you, a life long impact of visual delights. Something so pleasant to your eyes, that you'll be dying to jump on the next flight - regardless of how many times you've travelled.

We hope you will enjoy our craft, as much as we have invested many long hours of travel & editing. (the content of our books include: aerial photography, landscape photography, nature photography, outdoor photography, indoor photography, tourism photography)





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